UV Printer A3 (280x490 mm)

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Brand: China
Price: $3,500
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UV А3 printer for printing on cell phones, smart-phones coverings and promotional products


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Flatbed A3 UV-printer allows printing directly on the material of up to 23 cm height.

Printed impression of the printer is maximally resistant to mechanic and UV impact.

  • UV A3 printer for printing on coverings
  • UV-LED А3 printer for printing on any material
  • UV-baking inks printing
  • Full-color printing of photo quality 
  • Materials: glass, PVC-plastic, steel, leather, wood
  • White color and gloss printing
  • Printing on materials of up to 230mm height
  • Printing working area 280×490mm
  • Color scheme CMYK+ 2White

Main advantages and construction features:

  • Flatbed UV A3 printer, maximum print format 280×490mm
  • One printing head Epson L1800
  • Color scheme CMYK+2White
  • Printing resolution up to 1440×1440dpi
  • Inks type: UV-baking
  • Maximal height of the printing material is up to 23cm
  • Manual adjustment of material height to pg
  • LED-lamp with power capacity of 50W with water cooling
  • Lamp operation time is up to 30000 hours

Package contents:

  • Flatbed FS-A3UV printer
  • Professional software WhiteRip
  • Rotary device
  • Power cable, USB cable
  • Launch pack does NOT include inks

Possibilities of the printer with WhiteRip software:

  • Printing of white backing sheet and color image by one table pass
  • Possibility of three layer printing by one table pass with printing on transparent materials and glass
  • Work with alpha channels and spot colors
  • 3D-printing function
  • Possibility of channels reassignment
  • Possibility of own profiles building and connecting
  • Improved color reproduction and flattening
  • Software WhiteRip is included to the start set

Printing technology:

  • Material is placed on the printer desktop
  • Distance from material to the printing head is adjusted automatically (2-3mm)
  • Material does not require primary preparation
  • After printing the product is finished and does not require drying and varnishing

Consumable products costs:

  • Inks costs - CMYK 250ml (China) - 40 USD
  • Inks costs - White 250ml (China) – 45 USD
  • Costs for starting set of inks - 6 bottles of 250ml – 200 USD
  • Total ink volume at А4 printing format of all colors (CMYK+White) - 0,20 USD


Model FS-A3UV

Format, mm


Max. height of the object, mm

up to 70

Printhead type L1800
Max. printing speed A3, min 15

Max. resolution, dpi


White UV inks


CMYK UV inks


Inks bottles

6 bottles 250ml

Ink type

UV Universal Flexiable


White Rip 

Min. inks dot size, pl 3,5
Ink channels CMYK + 4White
3D printing +
CMYK+White in one pass +
Gloss inks +
ICC module +
Max weight of the object, kg 8
Printer dimentions, mm 880х630х500
Package dimentions, mm 1010x750х745
Net weight nett, kg 48
Gross weight, kg 64


Small format UV printer A3

A3 UV printer for printing on any surfaces of Chinese production. The printer design is based on Epson l800 inkjet printer with six-channel f180040 printhead. Accordingly, the printer prints in CMYK+white color scheme. UV printer is equipped with a continuous ink supply system CISS, ink is fed from cans of 250 ml, the slot for which is fixed on the right cover of the printer. A distinctive feature of the A3 UV printer is the low cost of ownership, while having the full range of characteristics inherent in the entry-level UV printer.

The A3 small-format UV printer opens up new opportunities for small advertising productions and printing houses, allowing printing on a large number of surfaces and materials, on three-dimensional and curved objects. A3 printer is equipped with a new UV LED lamp with water cooling, which increases its performance and reliability. With the help of UV printer A3UV it is possible to print directly on samples, Souvenirs, and electronic boards with white color. The printer has a unique ability to print full-color high quality, and has white ink and clear varnish to create special effects.
UV lamp works in automatic mode — that is, the inclusion.shutdown occurs simultaneously with the beginning and end of the print. LED lamp is cooled by water pumped by water pump with flow sensor. The service life of LEDs is not less than 30,000 hours.

Exceptional print quality

Thanks to the use of cold LED-lamp ink hardens directly during printing, so UV printer A3uvposoben to print on materials such as Plexiglas, wood, MDF, APET, ABS-plastic, polycarbonate, as well as flexible materials such as leather and leatherette. Use Epson DX5 printhead with a minimum droplet size of 1.5 PC allows you to achieve smooth gradients and halftones, dies without banding in all modes and aisles clear boundaries of images and text.


CMYK inks are low viscosity and high White ink density

The A3 UV UV printer prints high-density and low-viscosity UV-curing inks in 250 ml jars. the use of white ink allows printing on transparent, color and dark materials. The high quality of the white ink made it possible to avoid the use of a white recirculation system. White ink is optically dense, so even when using only 2 channels to control white, the white substrate is dense and saturated, easily covering even black materials.

The cost of printing is calculated based on the consumption of the printhead 10 ml per 1 sq.m. Thus, at an average price of 12000rub/l, we get 15rub for A4 format when printing a full-color image with standard profiles.

The printer is capable of printing in 7200×1440 dpi and 720×2880 dpi modes, while the actual print resolution is comparable to more expensive UV printers based on Epson DX5 and Ricoh printheads.


Software White Rip

In the starter kit with UV printer comes a unique software Whiterap, which allows you to use the capabilities of the printer and UV printing in full. RIP allows not only to adjust the ink level manually for each channel separately, but also to connect third-party ICC profiles built spectrophotometer. The presence of such modes as" SincroPrint "and" 2Face " allows printing white substrate and CMYK color layer in one pass, which not only reduces the printing time, but also allows you to achieve accurate hit of two and three layers on each other.
The use of 3D mode allows for bulk printing on most materials, with a layer height of up to 0.5 mm in a single pass of the desktop.