UV Printer A1 (600x900 mm)

Product Code: FS-A1UV

Brand: China
Price: $12,000
Ex Tax: $12,000

UV printer FS-A1UV for souvenirs:

  • Printer UV FS-A1UV for printing on cell phone cases and smartphones.
  • UV printer FS-A1UV is applicable for printing promotional and souvenir products
  • Flatbed UV printer allows direct printing on any materials up to 13cm.
  • Printing with lacquer and selective varnishing of the print
  • Printing on flat materials SOS speed to 3mkv/hour
  • The print of this printer is the most resistant to mechanical and UV exposure.

Main advantages and design features:

  • A1 flatbed UV printer, max print size 600×900mm
  • Three pechatalsya head Epson DX11 (FA09050)
  • The color scheme CMYKLcLm + White + Varnish
  • Print resolution up to 1440×1440dpi
  • Type of ink used: UV-curable
  • The maximum height of the printed material up to 13cm
  • Automatic height adjustment from material to p / g
  • Two 100W power LED lamp each with water cooling
  • Water-cooled chiller with adjustable lamp power
  • Lamp life up to 30000hours
  • The user-friendly and ergonomic control panel allows you to intuitively control the basic functions of the printer;
  • Vacuum table for printing on paper and cardboard
  • Print up to 3 layers in one pass of the desktop (white substrate, picture, varnish)
  • 3D volumetric printing Embosiing allows you to print images with 3D effect up to 2-3mm;
  • Print mode SyncroPrint allows you to print a white substrate (White) and a picture (CMYK) simultaneously in a single pass;
  • 2face printing mode allows you to print three layers in one pass on transparent materials (CMYK+White+CMYK);
  • The material height sensor automatically detects the distance from the print head to the subject;
  • Automatic height adjustment to material allows you to print on products with variable height;
  • Cold UV LED lamp has low working temperature and does not heat thin materials when printing, which avoids material swelling during printing;
  • US made UV ink is flexible and well fixed on many flexible skin type materials, etc.;
  • Special UV glass protects the skin and eyes from UV rays, and the new printer housing prevents the smell of ink from entering the environment

Starting equipment:

  • Flatbed UV printer FS-A1UV
  • Power cable, Ethernet cable
  • Three printheads Epson DX11
  • Dual circuit water cooling chiller
  • Exhaust snail for vacuum table
  • Professional PhotoPrint software 
  • Ink is not included in the starter kit

Software PhotoPrint:

  • The ability to print lacquer, white substrate and color images in one pass of the table
  • Ability to print three layers in one pass when printing on transparent materials and glass
  • Working with alpha channels and spot colors
  • 3D printing function
  • Ability to build and connect your own profiles
  • Improved color rendering and linearization
  • Ability to use glossy ink
  • ability to build your own ICC profiles

Printing technology:

  • The material is placed on the printer desktop
  • The distance to the material from the print head is set automatically (1-2mm)
  • The material does not need pretreatment
  • Some materials, such as silicate glass, ceramics, metals require prior application of primer
  • Immediately after printing the product is ready and does not need drying and varnishing

Cost of consumables:

  • The cost of 1000ml of ink CMYK (USA) — 250 USD
  • The cost of 1000ml of ink CMYK (USA) — 250 USD
  • The total ink consumption when printing A4 in all colors (CMYK+White) — 0.2 USD



Модель FS-A1UV

Format, mm


Max. printing height, мм

up to 130

Printhead type DX11 (FA09050) or Ricoh G5i (TH5271)
Max. printing speed, sqm/hour up to 3

Max. resolution, dpi

720×2880   or   600×2400

Color sсheme CMYKL + White + Varnish

White inks


Color inks 


Varnish inks yes

Ink bottles

8 bottles 500 ml

Ink type



PhotoPrint 12 

Min. ink drop 3,5
3D printing yes
CMYK+White+Varnish in one pass yes
CMYK+Varnish yes
ICC manegment yes
Min. weight of the object , kg 40
Printer dimentions, mm 1350x1250x820
Package dimentions, mm 1500x1400x100
Netto weight, kg 300
Gross weight, kg 350


UV printer A1 format

UV printer А31UV La print on any surface made in China. The design of the printer based on industrial elements (guides, belts, motors) and a printer equipped with three six-channel Epson printheads DX11 FA09050. Accordingly, the printer prints in a color scheme CMYKLcLm+6White+6Varnish. UV printer is equipped with continuous ink supply system CISS, ink is supplied from 500ml cans, slot for which is fixed on the right side of the printer. A distinctive feature of the UV printer is the ability to print with varnish, selective varnishing, as well as 3D printing.

UV printer FS-A1UV opens up new opportunities for small advertising production and printing, allowing you to print on a large number of surfaces and materials on three-dimensional and curved objects. The FS-A1UV printer is equipped with two water-cooled UV LED lamps, which increases its performance and reliability. With the help of UV printer FS-A1UV it is possible to print directly on samples, Souvenirs, and electronic boards with white color. The printer has a unique feature of full-color printing of high quality, and has white ink and clear lacquer to create special effects.

UV lamp works in automatic mode - that is, switching on.shutdown occurs simultaneously with the beginning and end of printing. The LED lamp is cooled by water pumped by a water pump with a flow sensor. Service life of LEDs is not less than 30000hours.

Exceptional print quality


Due to the use of cold LED-lamp ink hardens directly during printing, so UV printer FS-A1UV is able to print on materials such as plexiglass, wood, MDF, APET, ABS-plastic, polycarbonate, as well as flexible materials such as leather and leatherette. The use of the print head Epson DX11 with a minimum droplet size of 1.5 PC allows you to achieve smooth gradients and halftones, dies without banding in all modes and aisles clear boundaries of images and text.