Portable Flatbed table for DTG Printer A3

Product Code: FS-DTG-Table A3
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Brand: Front-sign GmbH
Price: $2,000
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Portable DTG flatbed table DTG printer P400 A3:

  • Portable DTG flatbed table for self-Assembly Ftlatbed DTG printer
  • The customer just need to mount modified printer on the Portable DTG table and connect wires
  • The A3 size of Portable DTG table with a working area of 300×400mm is applicable for printing on light, color and dark t-shirts.
  • Professional software Acro RIP provides correct color rendering
  • We provide the user manual, how to modified P400 printer 
  • We prpvide the user manual, how to connact modify P400 printer to Portable DTG flatbed table

Main advantages and design features of P400 flatbed printer:

  • Printer has high speed and high quality DX5 printhead
  • Color scheme CMYK+4White
  • Print resolution 2880×1440dpi, maximum print format A3 (300×420mm)
  • 4 channels of white color provide a crisp white backing and rich colors
  • Speed of printing A3 on a white t-shirt 5-6min/PC
  • Speed of printing A2 format on a white t-shirt 8-10min/PCs
  • The robust design of the printer provides printing of up to 25 A3 t-shirts per hour
  • Dupont Artistri textile inks are highly resistant to washing and bright colors
  • Connecting to a computer via WIFI or USB

Starting equipment:

  • Portable table for DTG printer P400 A3(300×400mm)
  • Professional software AcroRIP for Epson P400
  • Conversional Electronic KIT
  • Printing table (300×400mm)
  • Printing table for kids t-shirt (200x300mm)
  • 220V power cable
  • User manual 


Tablet portable Desk to build DTG printer A3 your hands

The company Front-sign GmbH offers its customers a ready-made solution for self-Assembly DTG A3 printer format for printing on t-shirts. You only need to convert the SC-P400 printer yourself and connect the converted printer to a portable Desk using the supplied motherboard. All necessary printer Assembly guides are included in the starter kit. The purchase of a tablet portable table will allow you to significantly save on the purchase of a DTG printer, by comparison with expensive analogues, as well as to show your skills in the bliss of designing equipment.
The software required to print on t-shirts after the printer Assembly is complete is also included in the starter kit!
The table is delivered unassembled, the type of packaging is a wooden box.

Delivery set:

  • the lower part of the table-frame
  • guide with the drive belt and stepper motor
  • motherboard
  • wires for motherboard connection
  • two tables for t-shirts: standard and children
  • instructions for assembling the converted printer and tablet table
  • software AcroRIP v8.2


Front-sign GmbH guarantees only the performance of the portable table FS-DTG-Table A3 and the motherboard from the kit. We are not responsible for the finished product, assembled by the buyer. We also do not give any kind of advice about the build and possible problems during the printer conversion process. 
If you want to buy a turnkey solution with a full warranty, please pay attention to the DTG printer FS-DTG-A3