UV Inks CMYK+White 250ml

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Inks Front-Sign UV are used for direct printing of souvenirs of any color:

  • UV inks for printing on souvenirs
  • UV inks are suitable for printing on any materials
  • Materials: plastic, plexiglas, leather, wood, metal, paper, etc.
  • Compatible with Epson DX5 printheads
  • Suitable for all UV printers
  • After printing, the product is immediately ready and does not need additional drying
  • Color palette CMYK + White
  • Available in banks 250ml and 500ml
  • Primer for metals and primer for ceramics are available
  • Compatible with all UV printers based on the Epson DX5 heads
  • High resistance to mechanical impact
  • When using White ink, we recommend using the ink recycling system.
  • Production - China


  • A wide color gamut, the image is saturated
  • A wide color palette of ink (C, M, Y, K, White)
  • Ink does not cause clogging of the print head
  • There is no need for preliminary preparation of the surface for printing, with the exception of metal and ceramics
  • Have high resistance to mechanical stress

The following colors are available from the CMYK + 4White color scheme:

  • Front-sign UV 250ml Cyan;
  • Front-sign UV 250ml Yellow;
  • Front-sign UV 250ml Magenta;
  • Front-sign UV 250ml Black;
  • Front-sign UV 250ml White;