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White Dupont Textile Ink

DuPont pigment inks, designed specifically for textile digital equipment, are designed for direct printing on a variety of products from cotton, linen and mixed (with a synthetic fiber content of at least 50%) fabrics. For printing, you can use any garments - T-shirts, shirts, jeans, summer jackets, as well as household textiles and household items.
DuPont Artistri inks are harmless to humans, as evidenced by a hygienic certificate, and can be used to decorate children's clothing and underwear. Ink form a soft to touch paint layer and, unlike silkscreen, do not change the neck of the fabric.
The undeniable advantages of DuPont Artistri ink are that they are able to be fixed firmly on materials that have not undergone special pretreatment and allow to neglect the final washing of the product. Such qualities of ink make it possible to abandon the auxiliary operations (due to which the production time is significantly shortened) and to reduce the cost of the print due to the lack of additional equipment in the printing process.
DuPont Artistri ink formula is developed taking into account the specificity of piezoelectric heads, working with medium and low viscosity aqueous inks. Inks contain the same pigments as traditional textile inks and meet all standards of industrial standards related to such products.
Inks DuPont Artistri are distinguished by high optical density, hiding power and brightness. The ink layer fixed in the thermo-press is resistant to dry friction, it does not get dirty and does not form dust during the use of the product. Ready-made prints show increased resistance to ultraviolet and repeated washing.
The four-color palette of ink is supplemented with white color, which allows printing not only on light products, but also on color, and even black. The technology of digital printing on color clothing requires the application of a white sub-base layer to prevent color distortions caused by the color mixing of the ink with the color of the dyed fabric and to obtain full-color images with the necessary brightness and accurate color rendering. In order to prevent the absorption of ink by textile fiber and ensure a high density of white fill, it is necessary to pre-treat the sealed area with a special primer. It is easily sprayed, dries quickly, does not damage or discolor the textile product.
Inks DuPont Artistri and primer are supplied in economical plastic bottles with a capacity of 1 liter.

Features of DuPont Artistri ink

  • Environmental and hygienic safety - water-based ink.
  • The print does not crack when stretched.
  • Increased resistance to sunlight.
  • High resistance to dry and wet treatments, no tendency to abrasion and shedding.
  • Printing on white and color materials.
  • High degree of hiding power of white ink.
  • Optimum viscosity, finely dispersed pigment - stable operation of printheads.
  • Wide color gamut, brightness of images.
White ink should be stirred every week. This operation can be done by mechanical roller systems or manually by rolling bottles or by gently shaking. Stir the ink is necessary until the pigment deposit from the day of the bottle is not weighed in the entire volume of the liquid. This procedure will take at least 5 minutes.
Shelf life of DuPont Artistri ink is 6 months from the production date.