DTF Printer (Direct to Film Printer) FS-A3 for printing on T-shirts

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DTF Printer FS-A3 for high-speed printing on T-shirts

New DTF printer for printing A3 T-shirts and textile is applicable for printing on any cotton and synthetic products. DTF is a non-structured thermal transfer to any type of fabric. The essence of the technology is to transfer the image previously printed on the film in a mirror image to the T-shirt by means of a thermal press. Fixing takes place with the help of a special glue applied manually, or with the help of a special shaker-drying.

This technology is one of the newest in the market of printing on T-shirts. Unlike expensive and non-problematic DTG printers, DTF equipment has a much lower cost of ownership and a lower cost of ink, which provides a cheaper cost of final products.

For DTF printing, there is no need to use a primer, as in DTG, which is very difficult to apply correctly by hand, which ensures almost complete absence of defects in this type of printing. You just need to print on the film and apply glue to the back of the printed image. Then the products are fixed in a thermal press and everything is a finished product.

The Front-sign company offers you a ready-made solution — a line of DTF printing from roll to roll. Printing, applying glue, fixing glue and winding of finished films is carried out automatically in our new model DTF FS-A3. You will only need to cut the finished picture from the roll and bake it in a thermal press.

Thus, our solution based on the FS-A3 UV DTF printer will allow you to enter the T-shirt printing market without large investments. At the same time, the technology provides simple and stable operation with a minimum percentage of defects and makes it possible to produce up to 200 products per day. This is exactly the area that is not occupied by complex and demanding large-scale silk-screen printing.


Exceptional print quality

The use of the Epson DX11 printhead with a minimum drop size of 1.5 pc allows you to achieve smooth gradients and semitones, dies without poloshenie in all modes and passages, clear borders of images and text.

"Syncroprint" - the printing mode allows a two-layer image in one pass of the printer, when printing on colored and dark fabrics. In this case, the application of a white substrate and a CMYK color image is carried out in one pass of the printer, which significantly increases the printing performance


DTF White Ink White High density ink

The printer prints high-density and low-viscosity DTF white and color ink in 1L cans. The use of white ink allows printing on transparent, colored and dark materials. The white recirculation system ensures the quality of the ink and the safety of the print head. White ink is optically dense, so when using 6 channels to control the white color, the White substrate turns out to be dense and saturated, easily overlapping even black materials.

The cost of printing is calculated based on the consumption of the print head of 12 ml per 1 sq.m. Thus, at an average price of 70 usd/liter, we get 0.2 usd for A4 format when printing a full-color image with white with standard profiles.

The printer is capable of printing in 720=1440 dpi and 720=2880 dpi modes, while the actual resolution of the printed impression is comparable to more expensive UV printers based on Epson DX5 and Ricoh printheads.


DTF Maintop Software:

The Main top software, which allows you to use the printer's capabilities and print in white in a complete way. RIP allows not only to adjust the ink level manually for each channel separately, but also to connect third-party ICC profiles built by a spectrophotometer.




DTF printer + Shaker machine

DTF printer only

Formate, mm

300 mm

Printing Head

Epson DX11 (xp600)

Speed of printing А3, sec.

5 min

Maximal resolution, dpi


 White ink




Ink tank

5 tank 250 ml each

Ink type

pigment DTF


Maintop 6.1

Maximal drop size, пк


Standard color scheme

CMYK + 2White

Packing dimensionsmm


Printer dimensions, мм


Weight of line, incl.package, kg


Weight of printer incl. package, kg


Technical support

Free support

Payment type

Bank transfer





DTF Textile printer for printing on T-shirts:

Automatic A3 format printing, glue application and thermal fixation line for printing on light, colored and dark T-shirts.
• Printing is done on a special film with white ink in a mirror image, after which the finished film is transferred to the T-shirt in a thermal press
• It is possible to apply the glue manually, however, for printing large runs, it is preferable to use a roll-to-roll printing line
• The image obtained as a result of printing has a high resistance to washing, up to 25 washes
• The image is bright and saturated, pleasant to the touch
• Professional software ensures correct color reproduction
• The reliable design of the printer provides printing of up to 12 A3 T-shirts per hour

Main advantages and design features:

* automatic DTF roll-to-roll printing line based on a single-head DX11 printer

* CMYK+white color scheme

* print resolution 1440=2880 dpi, maximum A3 print format up to 300mm

* the speed of printing A3 format on a white T-shirt is 4-5 minutes

* type of ink used: Pigment-based DTF

* jar CISS with a capacity of 250ml per color

• white color circulation

* mixing white ink in a jar

* connecting to a computer via Ethernet


Starting configuration:

* FS-A3 roll DTF printer up to 300 mm with one XP-600 head

• shaker-drying machine for applying and fixing glue

* Professional Maintop 6.1 software

* 220v and LAN power cables, user manual

* ink is not included in the starter kit

* the thermal press must be purchased separately!


Maintop 6.1 software:

* Working with alpha channels and spot colors

* the ability to reassign channels

* ability to build and connect your own profiles

* improved color rendering and linearization


Printing technology:

• the image is printed on a special film in a mirror image

• applying and fixing the glue manually or in a shaker-drying

* transfer of the image from the film to the T-shirt in a thermal press

• there is no need for special preparation of a T-shirt, applying a primer and so on



The cost of consumables:

•  the cost of CMYK, White ink 1L – 100 usd. one color

• the cost of a roll of film 100 m — 250 usd

• the cost of 1 kg of glue is 40 usd

* The total ink consumption when printing A3 format in all colors (CMYK+White) is 0.4 usd.



•  For printing on T-shirts, you must purchase a separate thermal press

•  The cost of commissioning works in Orlando is 300 usd

• The cost of commissioning works in Florida state 400 USD

• The cost of commissioning works in the US  400 USD + air tickers

• Shipment is carried out on the day after the days of payment arrival in the FEDEX or USP