DTF Printer, UV Printer, Textile Printer

DTF Printer (Direct to Film Printer) FS-A3 for printing on T-shirts
UV Printer A4 (180x300 mm)
UV Printer A3 (280x490 mm)
UV Printer A1 (600x900 mm)
Welcome to www.dtg-printes.com
Welcome to www.dtg-printes.com

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Welcome to www.dtg-printes.com

Everything needed for the print shop

You would like to organize a printing company? Or a photo salon? Or do you want to make souvenirs?

Now, to start your business, you no longer need special training, security or commercial space rentals. All you have to do is buy a printer, learn how to do it and make money! We offer DTG and UV printers:



All products offered on our website are subject to strict quality control and safety, have all necessary certificates. We use only certified inks and spare parts.


Our advantage is that we always provide full techincal support to our customers, in warranty period and after that, help to solve any techincal problem, do first launch of printer and teach how to use software.


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